This past Friday (January 27th) our Safety Director, Becky Montgomery, was invited to an annual Contractor’s Safety Meeting hosted by CMA & Liberty University for all LU jobs. This meeting requires each contractor working on Liberty University jobs to send a safety representative to recap the previous year and changes that are going into effect for the future year. CMA & Liberty also highlight contractors that worked on jobs the past year that went without any incidents. Kirby-Cundiff Insulation and Firestop of Virginia won multiple awards for their safety this past year. The Liberty Jobs were the Academic Performance Center (Firestop of VA & KCI), Commons Housing III (Firestop of VA & KCI), & SCA Green Hall Renovation (KCI). We are very proud of everyone’s hard-work in trying to promote a safe work zone for all of our employees. Our goal has been and always will be for our employees to return home how they left that morning. We appreciate all the effort that has been put into safety for our field workers and hope to continue our success.

Employees who were CMA Approved to work these three jobs:

Becky Montgomery, Jim Lambert, Russell Ramsey, Kyle Matusevich, Carlos Portillo, Joseph Lambert, Gary Wright, Barry Wright, Michael Primm, James Palmer, John Brogdon, Kody Outhong, Steve Caudle, Randy Moorefield, Randall Dickerson Jr., Sam Sampson Jr., Danny Kersey Jr., John Harrison Sr., John Harrison Jr., Chris Walker-Wells, Robert Blankenship, James Tanaka, Kenneth Hubbard, Cody Flinchum, & Fred Guy.

CMA Safety Award

Please enjoy this week’s edition of Toolbox Talks.  This week we cover how housekeeping can help out at the job site.

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Please enjoy this week’s edition of Toolbox Talks.  The main topic is tips for trainers.

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Safety Efficiency Award: Kirby-Vass Insulation and Firestop of Virginia will now incorporate a Safety Efficiency Award to all of our field employees. Every 3 months you have not had an accident while working in the field, you will be given a hardhat decal to show off your hard work. April 1st, 2015 was the start to our 2015 business year, so we will start the 3 month period from that date going forward. There will be two different decals. The Kirby-Vass Insulation decal will be blue with white writing. The Firestop of Virginia decal will be white with red writing. Kirby-Vass Insulation and Firestop of Virginia have put a great emphasis on safety in our workplace. You all have embraced the emphasis also. We are very proud of how hard everyone has worked and we would like to recognize individuals who are consistently safe.

Hardhat Decal

New Hire Hardhats: For the first 120 days, each new hire we have on our job site will be required to wear a different color hardhat from the rest of our company. The New Hire’s hardhat will be a “Hi-Vis Yellow” colored hardhat. Both Kirby-Vass Insulation and Firestop of Virginia will be required to wear this new hardhat until the appropriate time has been reached. This change is to help our new hires get accommodated with our standards on the job site. The new hardhat will also help the veterans know when they see that different color hardhat that a new hire is on site and we need to provide some extra attention towards them. As Kirby-Vass Insulation and Firestop of Virginia continue to work on our safety and quality of work for each job, we believe this change can be a proactive way for our veterans to encourage, teach, and help develop our new hires from the first day on the job. new hardhats

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Please enjoy this week’s edition of Toolbox Talks.  The focus is on washing your hands and staying healthy.

Please enjoy this week’s Toolbox Talk.  The main material is on ladder safety.

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Award 1

Kirby-Vass is proud to announce that our company was the recipient of the 2014 Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Award. This award is giving out by the National Insulation Association (NIA) to recognize companies for their outstanding efforts in safety in the insulation industry. Kirby-Vass Insulation has taken a proactive approach to safety in these past years and we are happy to see the employees’ hard work pay off. Becky Montgomery (Safety Director) and Eddie Montgomery (Foreman) flew down to San Antonio, Texas to receive this honor for our company.There will be a story to follow on how the experience was for Becky and Eddie on their exciting trip.

Please enjoy this week’s edition of Toolbox Talks.

Don’t Cut Corners on Safety!

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