EOM-BeckyBecky Montgomery
Safety Director
Kirby-Vass Insulation/Firestop of Virginia

Total Years of Service: 15 years
Nominated By: Tom Kirby

Employee of the Month Interview with Construction Manager Greg Cundiff on Becky Montgomery

What are three words to sum up Becky as a KVI employee?

The words to describe Becky as a KVI Employee are Safety, Dependable, and Smiles.

Memorable moments or jobs with Becky?

Most recent memorable moment would be when I was able to pass along that our Insurance Experience Mod had fallen below 1. This accomplishment was something she was instrumental in helping achieve.

Kirby-Vass looks to make sure all of its employees represent the company well with their work and their work ethic. How has Becky demonstrated qualities that represent KVI in a good way?

Becky is KVI thru and thru. She was a fantastic foreman before becoming our safety director. I admire how she is a female working what has been a traditional male’s world and she is respected by all.

KVI was just honored for receiving the Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Award. How has Becky helped our company become such a recognizable figure for safety in our industry?

Becky has been able to help KVI move safety to the forefront of our company. Job pricing is more and more competitive and for us to be able to present ourselves as a competitively price company with a great safety record is huge in today’s market.

Why Tom Kirby felt Becky should be nominated for Employee of the Month.

“I nominated Becky Montgomery because she has done a great job with orientation and safety. I feel better sending new hires out to job sites after she has gone over safety with them. I feel our new employees also know what to expect from the company and we have less problems with them. I also think she is a big reason on why our EMR rating is lowering to acceptable levels each year.”