John P. Harrison sr

Employee of the Month:

John Harrison
Mechanic-West Division
Nominated By: Greg Cundiff, Tom Kirby, & Bill Hurd

Employee of the Month Write-Up:

August’s Employee of the Month goes to John Harrison. John, also known as “Psycho” in the field, works as a mechanic in the Roanoke Area for the West Division. John has been a driving force in helping the Roanoke Area this busy summer. He has put in an incredible amount of hours in for us to help calm the storm of high priority jobs needing to be done. Often John has been working Saturdays and Sundays to make sure we stay on top of the jobs. Since May, John has worked 117 out of a possible 126 days in the field. At one point in the summer, John had worked an amazing 10 weeks straight without taking a day off. His hard work has not went unnoticed by KVI and his fellow workers. John has worked a large amount of hours and still been able to keep producing quality work which is one of the main goals for KVI. John has been willing to go the extra mile this summer and help out in difficult situations. We applaud him for his hard work and attitude during this spree of long hours.