Shannon Wilborn

Mechanic: Lynchburg-South Boston-Roanoke AreaShannon Wilborn

West Division of Kirby-Vass

Total Years of Service: 2.5 years

Nominated by: Bill Hurd


Employee of the Month Interview with Bill Hurd on Shannon Wilborn

-What are three words to sum up Shannon as a KVI employee?

“Dedicated, Hard-working, and Talented”

-Memorable moments or jobs with Shannon?

“There have been multiple jobs where Shannon has done whatever it takes to get the job done and keep it within or under budget while keeping the customer satisfied. We have had customers specially ask for Shannon to do jobs because of his previous work there.”

-Kirby-Vass looks to make sure all of its employees represent the company well with their work and their work ethic. How has Shannon demonstrated qualities that represent KVI in a good way?

“Shannon always maintains a very positive attitude about work and KVI. He is proud of his work and the company. He is always focused on producing quality work and keeping the customer happy. He is also always willing to go the extra mile by working overtime or whatever is needed to get the job done.”

-How can Shannon serve as motivation for the rest of our company?

“Lead by example. Shannon can & does share his story and experiences about working with KVI and certain jobs he has done and it helps the employees around him.”

-Why Bill Hurd felt Shannon should be nominated for Employee of the Month

“Shannon is one of the best employees I have as part of the West team. He consistently performs at a very high level and always does so with a very positive attitude. I feel strongly that he needs to be recognized for his valuable contribution to the KVI team.”