Employee of the Month:

Theodore Bradford

Theodore Bradford
Mechanic-Roanoke Area
West Division of Kirby-Vass Insulation
Total Years of Service: 10 years
Nominated By: Kim Matusevich and Greg Cundiff

Employee of the Month Interview with Greg Cundiff on Theodore Bradford


-What are three words to sum up Theodore as a KVI employee?

Dedicated, Knowledgeable, and Early!
-Memorable moments or jobs with Theodore?

“When you have retired from one company and are still working with your second company at the age of 80 all moments are memorable.”
-Kirby-Vass looks to make sure all of its employees represent the company well with their work and their work ethic. How has Theodore demonstrated qualities that represent KVI in a good way?

“Every employee including myself should spend a day walking in Theodore’s shoes. Chances are you would not keep up with him.”
-How can Theodore serve as motivation for the rest of our company?

“Theodore is the most requested employee we have. When I get a call telling us to get started on a project, they say make sure you send Theodore.”
-Why Kim Matusevich felt Theodore should be nominated for Employee of the Month
“Theodore is a very dependable worker and he rarely misses work. He has had some health issues and continues to work full time without complaints. He has an outstanding attitude, work ethic, and lots of experience.”